2J Series 2/2 Way Solenoid Valve


1?Air- control is adopted, can be used in non-electric, inflammable and�explosive circumstance, the start-up pressure is low, and the high pressure could be controlled by the low pressure;

2?The accessories such as noumenon and slide bar are made of stainless steel, and are of excellent rust-proof; the sealing is employed with Teflon, could be applied extensively, and could be used for high temperature liquid and strongly corrosion liquid, etc.;

3?The structure of valve is a 45� angle seat, the inner chamber is streamlined designed, the tunnel resistance could be reduced, and the fluid could be flowed much smoother, so that the high flow rate could be achieved; filtration core is added in connection bar to prevent the entrance of impurity, and the life-span could be extended;

4?Actuator is equipped with visual positioning indicator,� the open size of angle seat valve could be observed and the flow rate could be adjusted, and the indicative window could be replaced by limit switch or emergency hand gear too;

5?Control point is of metal .Mounting plate can be used to mount�NAMUR value;

6?The actuator part can be rotated� 360� , and is easily installed.